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Order No (9) of 2008 With Regard to Empowering Some Employees of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority With the Status of Judicial Discipline Officers

Source: The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs

Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs:

Having reviewed Criminal Procedure Law, promulgated by Legislative Decree No. (46) of 2002, particularly Article (45) thereof;
Act No. (19) of 2006 with Regard to the Labour Market Regulation, particularly Article No. (34/c); and
Pursuant to the agreement with the Minister of Labour, Chairman of Labor Market Regulatory Authority.

Orders as follows:

Article (1):

The following Labour Market Regulatory Authority employees shall be empowered with the status of Judicial Discipline Officers with regards to the crimes committed within their scope of competence, in breach of the provisions of Act No. (19) of 2006 with Regard to the Labour Market Regulation and the regulations and orders issued in implementation thereof:

  1. Ali Isa Ali
  2. Hussain Ahmed Mattar
  3. Hussain Ahmed Mushaimea
  4. Haifa A. Karim Bu Rashid
  5. Amin Hameed Ali
  6. Abdulla A. Aziz Al Hassan
  7. Ahmed Mohammed Al Khuder
  8. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Tajer
  9. Mohammed Ali Al Shahabi

Article (2):

This order shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the date following its publication.

Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs:
Khalid Bin Ali Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa

Issued on :
13 Safar 1429 Hijra
Corresponding to 20 February 2008.

Last Update: Wednesday 20 February 2008