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Order No. (4) of 2013 Amending Some Provisions of the Order No. (76) of 2008 with regard to Regulations of Work Visas for Foreign Employees Except Domestic Servants Category

Source: Labour Market Regulatory Authority Management

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority:

Having pursued Law No (19) of 2006 With Regard to Regulations of Labour Market, as amended, and the Legislative Decree No. (27) of 2011With Regard to Restructuring of Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority;
Order No. (76) of 2008 With Regard to Regulations of Work Permits of Foreign Employees Other than Domestic Servants Category, as amended by Order No. (78) of 2008; and
Following the approval of the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority; and
Pursuant to the Submission by the Chief Executive Officer of Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Orders as Follows:

Article (1)

The provisions of Articles Nos. (10) and (13) (b) of Order No (76) of 2008 With Respect of Regulating Work Visas of Foreign Employees Other Than Domestic Servants Category, shall be replaced by the following provisions:

Article No (10)

The work permit shall be valid for two years, from the date of arrival of the foreign employee to the Kingdom or from the date of payment of the prescribed fees, as the case may be.
The work permit may be valid for one year, upon the request of employer, by payment of 50% of the prescribed fees.
At the request of the employer, and after first year of employment, the Authority may renew the work permit for a further period of six months, by payment of 25% of the prescribed fees.
In all cases, the work permit may be renewed for a further period(s) at the request of the employer or his assign to the Authority on the form for such purpose or electronically, before no more than 180 days of the expiry of the work permit.
The work permit renewal application shall include all the data and information together with the documents specified in the prescribed renewal application form, and shall fulfil the requirements prescribed in Article (2) of this Order .

Article (13) (b)

Except in situations where the work permit is cancelled upon the request of employer or where the foreign employee abandons work in violation of the conditions of the work permit, the Authority, before issuance of its Order to cancel this permit, shall notify the employer or his representative of its intention to cancel the work permit and the reasons therefor, and shall specify a grace period for employer to respond within a period of not less than two days from the date of receipt of notification by the employer or his representative, as the case may be.
If the Authority finds after studying the reply that there are valid reasons to cancel the work permit, it would issue its order to this effect and would immediately notify the employer or his representative accordingly.
The concerned parties may appeal against the permit cancellation order to the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with Article (33) of the Labour Market Regulation Act.
All the notifications and replies mentioned in the preceding paragraph may be sent by post or by electronically.

Article (2)

The Chief Executive Officer shall implement this Order which shall come into force on the day following the day of its publishing in the in the Official Gazette.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority
Jameel bin Mohamed Ali Humaidan

Issued on:
22 Ramadhan 1434H
Corresponding to 31st July,2013

Last Update: Wednesday 31 July 2013