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Approval of fees for services rendered by the LMRA to commercial and non- commercial businesses, Ministries and Government Institutions, based on a resolution adopted by the Council of Ministers. The application of the new fees structure shall take effect as of 1st of July 2008, as follows:

Service Fees BD
New, renewal or transfer of Work permit (for two years)
Optional fee for the permit out of Bahrainisation percentage
BD 200
BD 300
Basic Health Care fees (for two years) BD 144
New, renewal or transfer of Work permit (for one year)
Optional fee for the permit out of Bahrainisation percentage
BD 100
BD 150
Basic Health Care fees (for one year) BD 72
Change of Occupation (per application) BD 10
Application for new or renewal of Temporary Work permits (valid for 6 months) BD 200
Basic Health Care fees (for Temporary Work Permits for 6 months) BD 36
Application for new or renewal of Accompanying Family Dependents (per Application) BD 90
Monthly fees for first 5 expats - per worker BD 5
Monthly fees from the 6th expat - per worker BD 10
New Work Permit- Domestic BD 30
Renewal - Domestic BD 40
Flexi Permit (for two years) BD 200
Health Care (for two years) - Flexi Permit BD 144
Residence Extension (One time) - Flexi Permit BD 15
Return Ticket Refundable Deposit (Refundable) - Flexi Permit BD 90
Total Fees - Flexi Permit BD 449
Monthly fees - Flexi Permit BD 30
Recruitment Agencies deposit for each expat BD 200
Employment offices deposit BD 10,000
Domestic deposit BD 500
New recruitment agencies office license BD 500
Renewal recruitment agencies office license BD 100
New employment office license BD 200
Renewal employment office license BD 100
According to the provisions of the resolution number (1) for the year 2017, a service charge will be charged for the following services:
  1. Employer registration of his establishments.
  2. Issuing, renewing and cancellation of the work permit for all permit types.
  3. Registration of absence from work notification.
  4. Increasing the number of work permits.
  5. Residency and entry permits for the employee dependents and the foreign employer.
BD 5
Applying at LMRA premises at the Executive Services Centre BD 20 (for each service)
Applying at businessman or investor selected premises BD 50 (for each service)

Importat Notice:

Refund of Payments:

The LMRA will refund payments paid by the Employer in the following cases:

  1. Full Refund: The LMRA will fully refund the payments paid by the Employer if the LMRA decided to cancel the Work permit prior the arrival of the foreign worker to the Kingdom; without prejudice to other obligations imposed on the Employer.
  2. Partial Refund: The LMRA will refund the amount of the remaining months of the validity of Work permit on the value of the Permit in the event where the expatriate employee is being transferred to another Employer, with the exception of Temporary Work permits.

Important Notice:

Refunded amounts are refunded as credit in the establishment's account at LMRA, and can be used to pay other application's invoices and fees such as monthly invoices and New Permits fees.


The LMRA will issue the following invoices and Lists to Employers. Electronic samples can be found on the LMRA’s website; their details are as follows:

Last Update: Wednesday 13 September 2017