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Temporary Work Permit

Through this service, employers can request for a temporary work permit of 6 months. This type of permit is basically provided for project based activities and is renewable for one additional term of 6 months.

Process Description

  1. Request for a temporary ceiling increase through LMRA EMS system.
  2. Upload the required documents for the ceiling increase.
  3. Once the ceiling increase is approved, login to EMS and apply for a temporary work permit.
  4. Upload the required documents for the temporary work permit.

Required Documents

Required document Special Considerations
Documents Required for Ceiling Increase
Commercial registration Copy
Recent bank statement of the establishment Copy
Latest electricity bill Copy
Photos from the interior and the exterior of the establishment premises Copy
Proof of work volume (example: awarded project's contracts supported with construction permits if the company is working in the construction sector, or invoices of imported products from outside Bahrain, supported by the customs invoices if the company is working in the retail import and export sector, or copies of vehicles ownership owned by the company if the company is working in the transport sector, or customs papers verifying the shipment of goods if the company is working in loading and unloading activities) Copy
Documents Required for Issuing a Temporary Work Permit
Passport Copy
Medical check Copy
Contract starting time Copy

Special Conditions

Service Access

Service Counter Client Services Counter at LMRA’s Headquarters, first floor
EMS system
Contact Centre +973 1 750 6055

Working Hours

Service Counter Hours: 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Phone Service Hours: 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Last Update: Sunday 5 March 2017