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Medical Examination

Expatriates who are coming to Bahrain to take up an employment need to get a work permit in order to work legally in Bahrain. One of the main requirements of getting a work permit is the medical checkup. The latter should be done at the country of origin from an approved GAMCA medical Centre and also upon the arrival to Bahrain after getting the permit.

The medical examination is also required from employees who are already working in Bahrain and they resigned from their job to join another employee.

Expatriate employees coming to Bahrain from abroad and those already residing in Bahrain should follow the below steps to complete the medical examination procedure:

  1. General Rules for Pre-employment Medical Check-up for Expatriate Employees

    The expatriate employee will be examined against a number of diseases and will be issued a report that show whether he is fit or unfit for work. For further information about the type of medical tests that will be conducted, please check General Rules for Pre-employment Medical Check-up for Expatriate Employees.

  2. Authorised Health Centres Lookup

    The medical checkup has to be done at an authorized health Centre. Prospective expatriate employees, outside Bahrain, can check for authorised health centers in their home countries by using the “Authorised Health Centre Lookup”.

    Expatriate employees whose countries are not included in the Lookup can complete their health screening at any hospital or medical Centre of their choice in their home country or city.

    The issued medical report should be submitted to the prospective employer in order to apply for work permit.

    Expatriate employees who are already living in Bahrain who never done a health check in Bahrain or expatriate employees enter Bahrain by visit visa and desired to apply for a new work permit has to attend the health check appointed generated by the expatriate management system if the employer choses to not do health check by private clinic at the time of applying. In case the expatriate missed the appointment they can take another appointment by e-appointment through e-government website or can do the health checkup at one of the following list for private clinics and hospitals which are authorized to perform such examination. The result shall be send automatically to the expatriate management system after submitting the medical report to Al Razi Center.

    In overall, heath checkup is mandatory and needed every two years as requirement for Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Bahrain.

    List for private clinics and hospitals authorized in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

    1. Al Resalah Medical Center
    2. Dream Reem Medical Center
    3. Bahrain Medical Center
    4. Dar Alhayat Medical Center
    5. Al-Jawza Women & Children Care Center
    6. Dr. AbdulHadil AlMohsin Medical Center
    7. Noor Specialist Hospital
    8. King Abdulla Medical City
    9. Ibn Alnafees Medical Complex
    10. Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
    11. KIMS Medical Center
    12. Royal Bahrain Hospital
    13. ALRAYAN Hospital
    14. Alhilal Hospital – Riffa Branch
    15. Alhilal Hospital – Muharraq Branch
    16. International Hospital
    17. Bahrain Specialist Hospital
    18. Middle East Medical Center - Al Hid Branch
    19. Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Center
    20. Aster Medical Centre Bahrain
    21. American Mission Hospital
    22. Abdulla Kamal Clinic
    23. Al Amal Hospital
    24. Middle East Medical Center - Salmabad Branch
    25. Dr. Rabaa Al-Hajeri Medical Center
    26. Linnas Medical Center
    27. Al Doseri Medical Center
    28. Middle East Medical Center
    29. Al Resalah Medical Center
    30. Ibn Hayan Medical Center

Last Update: Wednesday 14 June 2017