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Flexi Permit

Important Notice

What is the Flexi permit?

The Flexi Permit is a renewable two year permit which allows the eligible person to work and live in the Kingdom of Bahrain without an employer (Sponsor) where he can work in any job with any number of employers on full or part-time basis.

What are the advantages of a Flexi Permit?

  1. You will be legal.
  2. There is no Employer, you can work alone on contract basis with anyone you want based on your occupation.
  3. You may travel and come back - You will have a renewable two year residency, and re-entry visa.

What are the Flexi Permit types?

  1. Flexi Permit – This permit enables the holder to work in any non-specialized jobs and is not allowed to work in Restaurants, Saloons and Hotels.
  2. Flexi Hospitality Permit – This permit enables the holder to work in any non-specialized jobs and is allowed to work in Restaurants, Saloons and Hotels.

Who is eligible for Flexi Permit?

  1. Expatriates with Terminated work permits.
  2. Expatriates work permit expired and not renewed by their employer.

How do I know whether I am eligible for Flexi Permit?

  1. Visit LMRA Website and use the ‘’ "Express Service"” to check.

How to Apply for Flexi Permit?

  1. Use your own mobile number and Send SMS of your CPR to 33 150 150
  2. If you are eligible for flexi permit, wait to receive two SMS replies messages from LMRA:
    • Confirmation of your eligibility
    • An appointment date and time with LMRA to complete your permit application.
  3. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months, even if it’s not in your possession.
  4. You can apply even if you don’t possess your original passport.
  5. You will be called on your mobile by LMRA Call Center 17 103 103 to confirm your appointment date and time. If you confirm your appointment, confirmation will be sent to your mobile.
  6. Once your appointment date is confirmed, please come to LMRA Expat Service Center in Sitra Industrial area on your appointment date and time. (Please note that service will only be given to those who have an appointment).

What should I bring with me to LMRA?

  1. Appointment Confirmation SMS (Please note that service will only be given to those who have an appointment).
  2. Original Passport.
  3. Flexi Permit Fees: BD 749.000

What will be done at LMRA when I come?

  1. Your photo, signature and finger prints will be taken.
  2. You may ask LMRA team with any questions or concerns you have.
  3. You will pay for your flexi permit.
  4. You will receive your BLUE CARD.

What is the Flexi permit Fees, and how and when will I Pay?

  1. A total amount of BD 749.000 will be paid to LMRA for a two year Flexi Permit once you complete your flexi permit application at the LMRA Expat Service Centre in Sitra industrial area.
    Flexi Permit Fees

    Every 2 years
    Health Care Fees

    Every 2 years
    Residence Extension*

    One time
    Return Ticket Refundable Deposit**

    Total Fees
    500 BD 144 BD 15 BD 90 BD 749 BD

    *One time Fee.

    * * One time Refundable Deposit.

  2. A monthly fees of BD 30 / month.
  3. Pay monthly fees at any branch of Bahrain Financing Company (BFC) only .

What are the Rules and Regulations of the Flexi Permit?

  1. You should pay your monthly fees to avoid your permit being cancelled.
  2. You should have your valid blue card in your possession always.
  3. You should not violate the Law and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  4. Do not work in (Restaurants, Hotels, and Saloons) unless you are Hospitality Flexi permit holder.

How to Apply for Flexi Hospitality Permit?

After obtaining the flexible work permit, the expat should:
  1. Conduct the medical check in the Ministry of health authorized medical centers.
  2. After passing the medical check , the expatriate is required to authenticate the medical check with the AlRazi medical center, where they will send the result to LMRA electronically.
  3. Visit LMRA sitra industrial area branch to apply for change occupation to Hospitality Worker.

Where is the Sitra Industrial Expat Service Centre Located?


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Last Update: Thursday 11 April 2019