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Announcement on Expatriate Employee Transfer During Fees Exemption Period (1st July 2020 to 30th September 2020)

Dear clients,

Please be inform that LMRA has suspended transferring expat from the current employer to new employer before work permit expiry transactions due to having more than one payment category. Therefore, to transfer the expat, the current employer should apply permit cancellation process which will allow the new employer to apply new work permit. The new employer shall directly compensate the first employer for the remaining fee which corresponds with the remaining validity of the work permit.

Kindly submit an E-ticket through E-Support System to receive a calculation of the amount due to the new employer to be paid to the current employer, this process is temporary and is only for the period from 1-7-2020 to 30-9-2020. Please inform LMRA Client Service Department or submit an E-ticket through E-Support System for any disagreement which will prevent applying Cabinet’s decision No.(79) 2009 regarding transferring expat to new employer.

Please note that transferring expat to another branch with the same base CR process is allowed by booking appointment to visit LMRA or by submit an E-ticket through E-Support System.

Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Announcements Date: 02-07-2020 until 30-09-2020