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12-10-2020Offer Letter / Work Contract Template PDF (868 KB)07-09-2020Add Authorised Person Form PDF (754 KB)07-09-2020Termination Declaration PDF (568 KB)07-09-2020New Work Permit or Renewal for Over 60 PDF (938 KB)07-09-2020Expatriate Employee Absence from Work Notification PDF (840 KB)16-08-2020Overstay After Termination Form PDF (413 KB)23-03-2021New Establishment Registration Form PDF (2.30 MB)07-09-2020Cancellation of Expatriate Employee Absence From Work Notificatoin PDF (500 KB)23-03-2021Permit/ Service Application Form PDF (1.63 MB)10-09-2020Expatriates Service Application Form PDF (1.14 MB)07-09-2020Changing Dependants Visa to Work Permit PDF (650 KB)14-09-2020Work Load Alert Form PDF (727 KB)07-09-2020Intention to Transfer Form PDF (909 KB)15-03-2017Non GAMCA Medical Check Up Form PDF (497 KB)23-03-2021Domestic Expatriate Work Permit Application / Cancellation Form PDF (1.42 MB)14-09-2020Ceiling Increase Request for Domestic Workers PDF (862 KB)23-03-2021Employer Undertaking Towards The Domestic Employee PDF (1.18 MB)07-09-2020Authorization Letter for Domestic Applications PDF (1.09 MB)12-04-2021Domestic Employee Absence from Work Form in Violation of the Terms of the Work Permit PDF (1.36 MB)07-09-2020Cancellation of Absence from work Notification for Domestic Employees' Form PDF (721 KB)24-08-2020Offence Removal Form PDF (1.37 MB)16-02-2020Employment Office License Application Form PDF (1.33 MB)16-02-2020Agency Supply License Application Form PDF (1.28 MB)10-09-2020Flexible Permit Service Application Form PDF (1.20 MB)10-09-2020Refund Application Form for Flexi Expatriate Employees PDF (1.20 MB)