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General Questions by Employees

 How to login to the E-support system? How can I follow up on a submitted application through the e-support system? How to react if my employer is refusing to accept my resignation or notice?  How to submit a new application through the e-support system? My employer has taken my passport and is refusing to give it back to me even after I demanded it, citing that it is “a company policy” or that it is detained for “safeguarding” purposes, how should I react in such a case?  What are the procedures for locally transferring employment from one employer to another? What about employees' leave entitlements? Do weekends and public holidays count? Is leave calculated as calendar days or work days? My employer is not paying me my salary/ wage or allowances, etc ... on time, what should I do? I am an expatriate employee. What can I do if my employer notified LMRA that I am absent from work?  Can I Transfer from visit visa to work permit? How long would LMRA take to process and issue my work permit or my dependants permit? and what are the fees? How can I track my work permit applications? If I have an employment contract for a certain period of time and I resign before the end of my contract, can my employer charge me for the work permit and government related fees? What are the documents needed for a family work permit (dependants)? Can I apply for my mother/ father/ brother/ sister as a dependant to reside with me in Bahrain? Are dependants, such as the wife or children above 18 years old, allowed to work in Bahrain? I am working in a different job role other than what’s on my CPR or my work permit, what shall I do to update my occupation on LMRA’s system? Does LMRA issue all types of visas or permits required for coming to Bahrain? Whom do I contact in order to get or renew a CPR card, amend or change details or address on my CPR card or replace a lost or stolen card? What should I do if I am being subject to verbal or physical harassment? What to do if my (or my family) details showing on LMRA’s e-services or the expat portal are not correct? What is Expatriate employees enrolment (sometimes referred to as employee registration)? What can I do if my employer had cancelled my visa while I was on holiday out of Bahrain? Is this legal? Can wives sponsor their husbands as their direct dependants if the wife is a female expatriate employee working in Bahrain? I am a female expatriate employee working in Bahrain; can I sponsor my children as my direct dependants? How do we apply for a family visa for a child born in Bahrain? I am already a resident in Bahrain, is there a way to check on my visa and/ or my family visa? And how can I stay informed of any changes in my status at LMRA?