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General Questions for Domestic Employees and Their Equivalents

 What is the new (updated) system of issuing permits for domestic expatriate employees? What do you mean by one electronic transaction? How do I submit a new application to request a domestic worker via the new system? What are the required documents that should be delivered to the employment office to issue permits for domestic workers? Where will the worker's passport be stamped with the residence permit stamp? Will I be notified about the arrival of the domestic worker? Are there any additional steps to be taken after the arrival of the worker? Should the permit be issued through employment offices only? How can I ensure that my name will not be exploited by the employment office to issue permits without my knowledge? Can I apply for a work permit electronically by myself? Can I recruit directly or should it be through recruitment offices only? What documents should be provided in case of direct recruitment? Is there a change in the fees? What are the fees? What is the method of fee payment? Will a monthly fee be applied to domestic workers? Is issuing a permit through an employment office limited to the first worker's permit? Should the tripartite employment contract be signed for domestic workers? Is it possible to renew work and residence permits through employment offices? Can the approved employment office submit a leaving work notice on behalf of the employer? Can the approved employment office cancel the domestic worker's permits on behalf of the employer? Can the approved employment office receive the fees of issuing permits for the domestic workers? How can I review the number of domestic workers recruited for me? How can I know when domestic workers are due for renewal? Should the renewal be every two years? Where can I cancel a domestic worker's work or residence permit? What are the methods of reporting cases of leaving work? What steps should be taken in the renewal process? How can I request a local transfer for a domestic worker? How can I identify the approved employment offices?