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General Questions about Wages Protection System

 What is the Wages Protection System? Is the Wages Protection System mandatory for enterprises? Does the Wages Protection System cover all economic sectors? Does the Wages Protection System include Bahraini and expatriate employees? Is the Wages Protection System mandatory for domestic expatriate employees and their equivalents? Does the Wages Protection System cover part-time expatriate employees, or is it limited to full-time expatriate employees? When did the Wages Protection System implemented, and what was the implementation stages? What are the requirements for integration into the Wages Protection System by enterprises? Can all enterprises enter into the Wages Protection System? Does the employer have to submit a specific form or additional requirements to prove integration into the wage protection system? Are there specific banks to deal with? What are the benefits of the Wages Protection System for employers? Is it possible to deal with financial service providers directly in the transfer of wages? What are the guarantees of confidentiality of wage data? Does the acceleration of the integration process have an impact on enterprises? I am one of the employers who are committed to transferring wages through banking transactions, and a reward has been allocated to some distinguished workers, is it necessary to transfer the reward amount through banking transactions as well?  If any of the employees does not commit to opening a bank account, what is the procedure that should be taken; shall he get his wages paid in cash? What are the benefits of the Wages Protection Scheme for the employee? Shall the expatriate employee file a complaint with the Wages Protection Directorate if the monthly wage is not received? Is there a specific date for employees to receive their wages and transfer them via bank accounts? I am an employee in one of the enterprises that integrated the Wages Protection System according to the established dates and the employer did not transfer the wages through banking transactions. Can I receive the wage in cash from the employer?  Will a sum of money be deducted from the employee when the minimum balance is not available in the bank?