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I am working in a different job role other than what’s on my CPR or my work permit, what shall I do to update my occupation on LMRA’s system?

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the provisions of Clause (1) of Article (7) of Resolution No. (76) of 2008 with regards to the regulations of work visas of expatriate employees except the category of domestic expatriate employees and its amendments,

First: the employer authorized to employ an expatriate employee must commit to using the expatriate employee to perform the same task stipulated in the work permit.
Second: The employer must commit to registering and updating the data of his facility and the data of his employees on a continuous and regular basis in the Authority's database in accordance with the Authority's regulations in force in this regard, or whenever he is requested to do so, in accordance with the text of Article (14) of the same resolution above.

If the employer does not comply with the above mentioned, it shall be considered a violation of the provisions of the aforementioned decree and in violation of the provisions of paragraph (b) of Article (23) of Law No. (19) of 2006 with regards to the regulation of the Labour Market and its amendments.

Last Update: Thursday 16 September 2021