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End Trafficking

Safeguarding the Community

LMRA Begins the Third Phase of Transferring the Expatriate Employee System to Amazon

Study the Expansion of the Domestic Expatriate Employee Hourly System

Flexi Work Permit

Foreign Employment Reaches 535,022 Workers by End of Last Quarter of 2020

Express Services

Expatriate employees can check their legal status in the Kingdom of Bahrain by inserting their personal number in the field below:

In order to check the work permit validity, please insert in the field below the work permit number which is located in the upper part of the work permit.

Work Permit No

Expatriate employees can check applications submitted to LMRA to issue work permit, every application has a unique number.

Application ID No

Expatriate employees can check their work permit validity by inserting the passport number in the field below:

Passport Number

Appointment System

Employers and Expatriate Employees may book An Appointment only for LMRA services that are not available on the Website.

Book an appointment

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