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Order No. (1) of 2013 With Regard to Regulating Employers Registers

Source: Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Chairman of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority:

Having reviewed Law No. (19) of 2006 Concerning the Organization of Labor Market, particularly Article (4) thereof;
Legislative Decree No. (27) of 2011 Re-organizing the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority; and
After consultation with the public and the concerned authorities; and
Upon submission by the Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority; and
Following the approval by the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Orders as the follows:

Article (1)

For the purpose of implementing this Order, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings shown in front of each of them, unless the context requires otherwise:

Kingdom:Kingdom of Bahrain 

Authority:Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”):The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority.

Employer:Every natural or juristic person, employing one or more worker to perform a specific work in the Kingdom, in consideration of a wage of whatever type, fixed, variable, cash or in kind, and this shall include any government body, establishment, public authority, company, office or any private sector’s entities. 

Register:The register prescribed in Article (2) hereof.

Article (2)

An employer who is employing foreign workers shall maintain a register called ;"Foreign Workers Registration Register”, which shall include the following information:

  1. Name of foreign worker, nationality, date of birth, qualifications, position/ profession, place of residence and all the details about his identity.
  2. Nature and type of work that he performs.
  3. Date of arrival to the Kingdom on the commencement of employment.
  4. Work permit period.
  5. Period of contract, if with definite period.
  6. The agreed wage, means and period of payment, all the benefits agreed upon in cash and in kind, name of bank, account number to which the wage of worker is transferred, bank name of the employer and his account number.
  7. The permits obtained from the concerned authorities, if the foreign worker is practicing a profession that requires such permit.
  8. Any matters affecting work relation that may affect the rights and obligations of the two parties or on the continuation of such relation.

Article (3)

The pages of the register shall be serially pre-numbered and the information that are required shall be recorded, which need to be updated regularly and periodically, clearly and precisely in a manner that truly reflects the true facts.
However, it may be sufficient to record such information electronically subject to the rules adopted by the Authority in this regards.

Article (4)

The employer undertakes to follow appropriate rules and procedures that guarantee maintenance of the register safely with the right of access at any time.

Article (5)

The employer shall enable the Authority’s inspectors and its specialized personnel to have access to the register and facilitate and enable them to obtain the data and information recorded in this register.

Article (6)

The Chief Executive Officer shall implement this Order, which will shall come into force on the day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Chairman of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority
Jameel bin Mohamed Ali Humidan

Issued on :
17 Shaaban 1434 Hijra
Corresponding to 26 June 2013

Last Update: Wednesday 26 June 2013