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Order No. (29) of 2014 With Regard to Specifying and Regulating Basic Health Care for Workers of Corporations

Source: Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health:

Having pursued Law No. (3) of 1975 With Regard to the Public Health, as amended, and to Law No. (38) of 2009 Setting up the National Health Regulatory Authority;
Labour Law for the Private Sector, promulgated by Law No. (36) of 2012, as amended by Law No.(31) of 2014, particularly Article (172) thereof;
Order No. (1) of 1977 Specifying and Regulating Basic Health Care for Workers of Establishments whose number of workers exceed 50, as amended;
Pursuant to the Concurrence with the Minister of Labour; and
Upon submission by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health

Orders as the follows:

Article (1)

In applying the provisions of this Order, the basic health care for workers of establishments means as follows:

  1. Medical examination on establishments workers.
  2. Conducting laboratory analyses and x-rays.
  3. Providing necessary medicines for treatment outside health centers, as per the medicines’ list in the primary care.
  4. Mother care for female workers during pregnancy including care pre and postnatal in the primary care.
  5. Immunization of establishments workers against infectious diseases in accordance with the instructions that are issued by the Ministry of Health in this respect.
  6. Minor surgical operations that are conducted in health centers of primary care.
  7. Simple dental treatment including emergency cases such as, extraction and filling.

Article (2)

The employer undertakes to provide basic health care for the workers of his establishment subject to his commercial registration, irrespective of number of workers of the establishment, through subscription in the basic health care scheme for the workers of establishments at the Ministry of Health, in accordance with the provisions of this Order.

Establishments employing more than 50 workers and following the consent of the committee referred to in Article (7) of this Order, may provide health care by one of the following means:

  1. To enter into contract with one of the health insurance companies licensed to operate in the Kingdom.
  2. To set up an integrated medical unit at the establishment, which must be licensed by the National Health Regulatory Authority to carry out this activity. All these are to take place subject to the conditions and specifications stipulated in Articles (3,4) of this Order, and to comply with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health in this respect.

Article (3)

The basic health care shall be presented in accordance with the following specifications, conditions and basic principles:

  1. The health care must be available day, night, and during official holidays.
  2. The basic health care must cover all workers of the establishment without exception.

Article (4)

The employer shall undertake, in case of entering into a contract with one of medical insurance companies which are licensed to operate in the Kingdom as follows:

  1. That the health Insurance cover shall include:
    a.Treatment of severe and chronic diseases.
    b.Examination, diagnosing, conducting clinical checkup, laboratory tests and x-ray, if required and also the medicines prescribed by the treating physician, and physiotherapy and alike which must be available around the clock.
  2. The medical insurance agreement must cover the financial cost of the secondary health care in case the insured is needed to be admitted in the hospital for treatment.

Article (5)

Without prejudice to the provisions of Article (2) of this Order, the Ministry of Health shall provide basic health care to all of the workers of establishments, and the establishment owner undertakes to pay to the Ministry cost of such health care which is determined as follows:

  1. a. BD (72) per annum in respect of every non-Bahraini worker.
  2. b. BD (22.5) per annum in respect of every Bahraini worker.

The accrued amounts are payable to the Ministry of Health as previously advised through the Labour Market Regulatory Authority by collecting it at the time of issuance and renewal of work permits in respect of non-Bahraini workers, and through the General Organization for Social Insurance in respect of Bahraini workers in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the work of both authorities. These amounts shall be payable and the establishment is committed to settle them immediately upon claim subject to the rules and regulations.

Article (6)

Establishments that provide basic health care through their own facilities for a limited period in a day may ask the Ministry of Health to provide basic health care services at the times that it does not provide its own service, in return of reduction of health care cost stated in the preceding Clause by around 50%.

Article (7)

A committee shall be formed at the Ministry of Health to ascertain whether or not the employer provides basic health care subject to the provisions of this Order and the instructions that maybe issued by the Ministry of Health in this respect; and viewing anything related to the imposition of the Provisions of this Article.

Article (8)

Any violations to the provisions of this Order shall be punishable by the penalties stated in the Article (192) of the Labour Law for the Private Sector promulgated by Law No. (36) of 2012.

Article (9)

Order No. (1) of 1977 Specifying and Regulating Basic Health Care for the Workers of Establishments Employing 50 workers or more shall be nullified. Also, any provision that is contrary to the provisions of this Order shall be deemed null and void.

Article (10)

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and the concerned authorities – each within its competence - shall implement this Order which shall come into force on the next of day following its publishing in the Official Gazette.

Minister of Health
Sadiq bin A.Karim Al-Shehabi

Issued on:
7TH Rabea Al-Awal 1436H
Corresponding to: 29th December, 2014

Last Update: Monday 29 December 2014