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Decision No. (122) (2007) With Regard to Limitations and Procedure of the Transport or Transfer of the Foreign Worker Corpse

Source: Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior

The minister of Interior,

After perusal of the Foreigners Act (Immigration & residence) for the year 1965&amendments,

And the Regulations of Public Security Forces issued by virtue of Decree No. (3) (1982) and amendments,

And Criminal Procedure Code Issued by Virtue Of Act No. (46) (2002) as amended by Act No. (41) (2005),

And Act No. (19) (2006) With Regard to Labour Market Regulation, and in particular Article (27)

And after coordination with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority,

And upon presentation of Under Secretary of the Ministry of Interior for Nationality, Passports & Residence,

Decided the following:

Article (1)

The procedure for the transport of a foreign worker shall be set in motion in two situations:

  1. If a final judgment or decision was issued by relevant authorities to deport a foreign worker from the Kingdom.
  2. If a work permit of a foreign worker was terminated or cancelled in accordance with the regulations and without violation to Article (25) of Act No. (19) With Regard to the Regulation of the Labour Market.

Article (2)

  1. The general Directorate for Nationality, Passports& Residence shall carry the necessary procedure to transport the foreign workers out of the Kingdom in coordination of relevant authorities- each within the limits of its jurisdiction- and in accordance with to foreigners Act (immigration& Residence) 1965& amendments.
  2. The General Directorate for Criminal Investigations shall carry the necessary procedure for the transfer of the Corpse of a foreign worker in coordination with relevant authorities.

Article (3)

The name and particulars of any deported foreign worker - including the date of deportation, the reason for deportation, and whether deportation is permanent or temporal - shall be enlisted in the special list prepared for such purpose.

Article (4)

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority shall incur the expenses of the transport of the foreign worker or the expenses of the transfer of the corpse without violation to the rights of imbursement from the last previous employer.

Article (5)

Article (6)

The Under Secretary for Nationality, Passports & Immigration and the General Director for the General Directorate for Criminal Investigation – each within the limits of his jurisdiction- shall implement this decision. This Decision shall come in force on the the day subsequent to publication in the formal gazette.

Major General

Minister of Interior

Rashid bin Abdullah AL Khalifa

Issued on 30th.of Shawal 1428 Hijri

12th. November 2007

Last Update: Wednesday 29 July 2015