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Employer Rights and Obligations

In line with its responsibilities to regulate the Labour Market in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority has set a number of rules and regulations to control and organize the relationship between the employer and his employees. These regulations clarifies the rights and duties of all parties concerned and here is a list of employer obligations:

  1. Do not employ an expatriate employee without a valid work permit issued by LMRA.
  2. Do not charge money or obtain any other benefits or advantage from an employee for issuing him a work permit, or renewing it.
  3. The expatriate employee must only perform the same job role (occupation) mentioned in his/her work permit.
  4. Ensure the completion of the enrolment process of expatriate employees and their family members (digital finger print, photo and signature) on the specified dates.
  5. Ensure that the expatriate employee will only perform their work in the specified location of the employer mentioned in his/her work permit, or in the branches of the same employer engaged in the exact same activity.
  6. Pay due fees and other payments to LMRA on time.
  7. Inform LMRA immediately when an expatriate employee is absent from work against the conditions of his work permit.
  8. Inform LMRA if the expatriate employee gets infected with a contagious disease, which obliges LMRA for his expulsion from the country as specified by the regulations of Ministry of Health.
  9. Notify LMRA if you intend to liquefy the business’s capital, or as soon you file for insolvency or bankruptcy, or canceling your registration of the commercial register – CR, or revoking the activity license.
  10. Pay the employees’ their wages and salaries on time as per the employment contract.
  11. Renew the expatriate employees work permit on time as well as any dependents.
  12. Provide the employee with a comfortable and healthy residence.
  13. Ensure that the working environment is healthy and safe and equip the employee with any necessary safety equipment.
  14. Maintain a register for your establishment and record of the expatriate employees and all details and information pertaining to the employees.
  15. The employer must provide all documents whenever requested by the LMRA inspectors or officials.
  16. The employer has the right to lodge a grievance against any decision taken by LMRA against him within 30 days of issuance of the decision.
  17. The last employer of the expatriate employee is responsible for the cost of deportation of the employee and in case of injury or death the cost of repatriation.
  18. The employer has the right to cancel the expatriate employees work permit before his arrival into the kingdom and replace him with another employee or get a refund.
  19. Upon transfer of the employee the employer will be refunded the balance amount of the remaining period of the work permit if the employer approves the transfer.
  20. The employer must in no way abuse or coerce the employee to break any rules or regulations in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Last Update: Monday 10 August 2020