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Social Responsibility

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority is an important player in the Bahrain 2030 plan, which outlines the future path for the development of Bahrain’s economy. In line with the plan’s objectives, LMRA has set different parameters to reach the highest level of interactivity and partnership with the society and the Labour Market stakeholders. LMRA is committed to serve its clients and community with devotion and optimum quality.

Participation & Public Consultation

"The ‎authority shall carry Consultations with public and relevant parties, ‎with a view to take their opinions, before issuing any decision or ‎taking such measures", as enacted by the Labour Market Regulation law (Law no. 19 of 2006, Article 5). LMRA is also bound to guarantee access to information and received opinions to all segments of the society. The comments and received opinions will be, then, raised to the Board of Directors.

All public consultations will be available and announced on the LMRA website for an easier access.

The LMRA website offers, additionally, different ways of public participation. Polls on different subjects and opinions are organised regularly and published on the Authority’s website for the users to check and cast their votes by using the voting functionality on the homepage.

The website’s users can also rate the Authority’s service quality and submit suggestions. The responses are collected by the Quality Department, which prepares a monthly report on services quality and the Authority’s KPIs, then submits it to the management for further improvements.

Below are some examples of the topics discussed through the previous polls:

Did the mobility law cause a sudden increase in the number of expat workers shifting from one employer to another?

Yes No I don't know
31% 49% 20%

Have you heard of the easy exit campaign?

Yes No
78% 22%

Do you know anyone who took the advantage of the Easy Exit campaign?

Yes No
70% 30%

Environment Conservation

A healthy, clean and pollution free environment is the base for a strong economy and Labour Market, where business can develop and employees can innovate.

In this regard, LMRA has developed different initiatives that reduces its CO2 emission, such as offering an online system as an alternative method to apply for the services provided by the Authority. Employers do not have to leave their offices anymore to apply for a work visa or any other applications; it can all be done online through the internet.

A typical new work visa application would need about 5 different documents. In 2013 LMRA has issued 148,575 new work permits, saving 742,875 paper sheets. Adding the other services LMRA offers to the number of issued work permits; imagine how much it is saving each year?

Additionally, LMRA has taken the steps to reduce its CO2 emission by using less electricity through the usage of energy-saving lamps and encouraging its employees to conserve power and water. It also has cooperated with an accredited recycling company in the Kingdom to recycle used papers.

The Authority also participated in assembling plastic containers for the special needs association and their parents.

Last Update: Monday 16 April 2018