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LMRA Talent Portal

Intention to Transfer

Through this service, an employee can announce his/her intention to change the employer, or to indicate not being moved to another employer after the termination of the work permit.

Process Description

  1. Fill in the Intention to Transfer Form and submit the required documents at LMRA Client Services Counter.
  2. Receive the approval from LMRA.

Required Documents

Required Document Special Consideration
Intention to Transfer Form Original
Expatriate’s ID card or Passport Copy

Special Conditions

Service Access

Service Counter North Sitra industrial area for Expatriate Services Centre.
(Sheikh Salman Al-Fatah Road –In front of AlWaha Petroal Station)

Working Hours

Expatriate Services Centre “North Sitra Industrial Area”

Services offered
Biometric details (Fingerprint) for all expatriates and Intention to Transfer
Services Access
Walk In or appointment
Male, Female and families
Sunday - Thursday
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Last Update: Wednesday 25 March 2020