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Expatriate Employees Enrolment with LMRA

Through this service, expatriate employees entering the kingdom for the first time need to enroll with LMRA. The Process involves taking a fresh picture upon arrival, fingerprints, IRIS and signature of the employee as these will be used to issue his ID card.

Process Description

  1. Proceed to the LMRA counters at the Bahrain International Airport to provide the work permit and the passport and undergo the fingerprints process. If it is not possible to enroll while at the airport, please visit the Expatriate services centre within one month of arrival. The Expatriate services centre is located in North Sitra industrial area for walk or appointment, Male, Female and families (Sheikh Salman Al-Fatah Road –In front of AlWaha Petroal Station) or visit Riffa - Buhair branch.

Required Documents

Required document Special Considerations
Work permit Original
Passport or ID card Original

Service Access

Service Counter
  1. Client Services Counter at the airport.
  2. North Sitra industrial area for Expatriate Services Centre.
    (Sheikh Salman Al-Fatah Road –In front of AlWaha Petroal Station)
  3. Riffa - Buhair.

Working Hours

Expatriate Services Centre “North Sitra Industrial Area”

Services offered
Biometric Details (Fingerprint) and IRIS for all Expatriates and Intention to Transfer
Services Access
Walk In or appointment
Male, Female and families
Sunday - Thursday
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Riffa - Buhair

Services offered
  1. Commercial Sector Services.
  2. Domestic Employees Services.
  3. Inspection Visits Services.
  4. Licensing Department Services.
  5. Collecting Expatriate Employees Biological Data and IRIS.
  6. Intention to Transfer.
Services Access
Appointments Only
Riffa - Buhair
Sunday - Thursday
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Last Update: Tuesday 11 August 2020