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Administrative Notices Removal Mechanism

Through this service, employers can submit a request for removing an administrative notice placed on their establishments by LMRA through one of the following methods:

Process Description

  1. Visit the Inspection Department personally or by the authorized person in the first floor (Inspection Directorate Business Owners Services) at LMRA and submit the supporting documents to remove the administrative notice.
  2. Submit the supporting documents to remove the administrative notice through E-support system.

Administrative notices that employer may apply for:

  1. The establishment does not exist.
  2. The Establishment is closed during inspection visits.
  3. Lack of cooperation with the inspection team.
  4. The establishment did not provide the data of the work premises.
  5. The employed number of expatriates does not match with the approved and registered number.
  6. The establishment exist, but not equipped to start the activity.
  7. The establishment was closed at the time of the inspection and there was no response to the inspection notification.
  8. Preforming an activity for which the establishment has not been licensed for.
  9. LMRA will verify the actual need of WP.
  10. No Activity is practiced.
  11. The signboard does not meet CR specification or does not exist.
  12. Inactive CR's with valid work permits.
  13. Expatriate(s) runaway during inspection visit.

Required Documents

For the following administrative notices, please submit the documents in the table below:

Required document Special Considerations
Valid Commercial Registration Certificate Copy
Latest electricity bill (receipt of paid amount is required if the bill contains disconnection notification). Copy
Photos for the establishment premises from inside and outside along with the signboard and address photos. Copy
Personal ID card of the employer or his representative Copy
Work load justification for companies and enterprises Copy
Recent bank statement of the establishment Copy
Employees labour contracts (If available) Copy
Employees salary payment for the last 3 months Copy
Contact number for owner and authorized person  

For the "Work load verification" notice, all the above-mentioned documents should be submitted in addition to the following documents:

Required document Special Considerations
Personal ID card of the employees Copy
Employees labour contracts Copy

In case the administrative notice is “Lack of conformity with the terms and conditions of the issued licence”, the employer or the authorised person (with power of attorney certified by the court) should visit the front offices for the inspection department.

Service Access

Service Counter Client Services Counter at LMRA’s Headquarters, first floor
Contact Centre +973 17506055

Working Hours

Service Counter Hours: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Phone Service Hours: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Last Update: Wednesday 25 March 2020