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Optional Insurance

Medical Examination

Expatriate employees who are coming to Bahrain to take up an employment need to get a work permit in order to work legally in Bahrain.

Expatriate employees coming to Bahrain from abroad and those already residing in Bahrain should follow the below steps to complete the medical examination procedure:

  1. General Rules for Pre-employment Medical Check-up for Expatriate Employees
    The expatriate employee will be examined against several diseases and a report will be issued that shows whether he is fit or unfit for work. For further information about the type of medical tests that will be conducted, please check General Rules for Pre-employment Medical Check-up for Expatriate Employees.
  2. GAMCA Health Centres
    The medical checkup has to be done at an authorized health centre for prospective expatriate employees from outside Bahrain, you may check the authorized health centres in their home countries by using the Authorised Health Centre Lookup.
    Expatriate employees whose countries are not included in the list will be able to complete their health screening at any hospital or medical centres of their choice in their home country or city and attached the Non GAMCA Medical Check Up Form PDF (472 KB) in the New Work Permit application.
    The issued medical report should be submitted to the prospective employer in order to apply for work permit application.

Last Update: Sunday 6 March 2022