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The Labour Market Regulatory Authority will conduct an Amnesty period from 1 July – 31 December 2015.

Amnesty Form

During the Amnesty, workers of the following categories:

Will be eligible to avail of the special procedures by either:

  1. Leaving Bahrain without penalty fines and with the possibility of returning at any time regardless of legal status (No black listing).
  2. Getting legal employment with a new employer without the consent of the previous employer and with removal of any offences that currently exist.

To use Amnesty to leave Bahrain without penalties and without black listing, simply get extension from the Immigration Authorities on your passport and travel.

Second: To use the Amnesty to get legal employment, please follow these steps:

  1. You should find a new employer.
  2. New employer should apply for new work permit Electronically (No need to obtain a grace period from NPRA (Immigration)).
  3. The worker should fill in and sign the Amnesty Form and provide it to the new employer.
  4. Employer will have to upload it with your new work permit application submitted Online through the LMRA Expatriate Management System.


  1. Do not pay anyone money to use the amnesty, it is free.
  2. Do not pay employers to apply for you, it is illegal.

For further Information contact the call center 17506055.

Multi-Languages Guide

Last Update: Thursday 27 August 2015