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Occupational Apprenticeship

Title II
Occupational Apprenticeship

Article 15

An occupational apprentice shall be deemed to be every person who concludes a contract with an employer for the purpose of learning a craft, occupation or industry for a definite period of time during which the apprentice shall work under the supervision or management of the employer in return for a compensation or wage.

The Minister shall, after taking the opinion of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the General Confederation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain issue a decision determining the procedures and rules governing occupational apprenticeship.

Article 16

The contract of occupational apprenticeship shall be in writing in the Arabic language. It shall determine the learning period of the craft, occupation or industry, its successive stages and the graduated reward or wage of each stage, provided that said wage or reward in the final stagedoesnot fall below the amount fixed for similar work in the craft, occupation or industry subject to apprenticeship.

Article 17

The employer may terminate a contract of apprenticeship if he is satisfied that the apprentice is incompetent or not willing to learn the craft, occupation or industry in a proper manner.

The apprentice may terminate the contract or any reason whatsoever.

In all cases, the party wishing to terminate the contract shall notify the other party at least seven days before the determined date of termination.

Article 18

The provisions of Titles VII and VIII of this law shall apply to the apprentice.

Last Update: Wednesday 5 August 2015