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Employment of minors

Title IV
Employment of minors
Article 23

For the purpose of implementation of the provisions of this Law, a minor shall be every person who is of fifteen years of age but who has not yet attained the age of eighteen years.

Article 24

It shall be prohibited to employ any minor who has not yet attained the age of fifteen years.

Article 25

Minors shall not be employed effectively for a period exceeding six hours a day. They shall not be permitted to remain in the workplaces for more than seven consecutive hours. The working hours shall be interrupted by one or more intervals, the total of which shall be not less than one hour for rest and a meal. Such interval or intervals shall be so arranged in such a way as a minor shall not work for more than four consecutive hours.

Article 26

Minors shall not be employed during the night period or on weekly rest days or official holidays.

Article 27

a- The employer, shall prior to the employment of any minor, verify:

- That the custodian or guardian approve the minor’s employment;
- That the minor has undergone a medical examination to ascertain his physical fitness to exercise the work;
- That the minor is not employed in hazardous or dangerous worksor works endangering his health or ethical behavior;
- That the Ministry is notified all of the data related to the minor.

b- An employer shall, following the employment of the minor:

  1. Post in an apparent location at the workplace a copy of the provisions on the employment of minors specified in this Title and a declaration retained by the Ministry on the determination of the working hours, the rest periods and weekly rest dates;
  2. Draft a statement clarifying the names of minors working for him, their age, the works entrusted to them and the date of their employment;
  3. Subject the minor to a periodical medical examination to verify his physical fitness on the dates set by virtue of the Minister’s decision following consultation with the employers and workers’ representatives.

Article 28

Subject to the provisions of this Title, the Minister shall issue a decision determining any other conditions, cases or circumstances governing the employment of minor, and determining the occupations, industries and arduous and hazardous works in which minors may not be employed or which may be harmful to their health, safety or ethical behavior in accordance with the various age stages. These occupations shall be re-examined periodically orwhen necessary.

Last Update: Wednesday 5 August 2015