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Employment of women

Title V
Employment of women

Article 29

Subject to the provisions of this Title, female workers shall be subject to all of the provisions governing the employment of male workers without discrimination in similar situations.

Article 30

The Minister shall issue a decision determining the cases, works and occasions in which women may not be employed at night.

Article 31

The Minister shall issue, after taking the opinion of the concerned authorities, a decision determining the works in which the employment of women is prohibited.

Article 32

a- A female worker shall be entitled to a maternity leave on full pay for sixty days including the period before and after delivery provided she produces a medical certificate retained by one of the governmental health centers or one of the clinics retained by the employer, indicating the expected delivery date.
The female worker may obtain an unpaid maternity leave for fifteen days in addition to the abovementioned leave.

b- The female worker shall not be employed during the forty days following the delivery. In case said female worker works for another employer during the maternity leave, she shall be subject to the provisions of Article 62 of this law.

Article 33

The employer shall not dismiss or terminate the labour contract of the female worker as a result of her marriage or during her maternity leave.

Article 34

The female worker shall be entitled to an unpaid leave for taking care of her child not exceeding six years of age, of maximum six month each time and for three times throughout the period of her service.

Article 35

The female worker shall be entitled after the end of her maternity leave and until her child reaches six month of age to two breastfeeding periods of not less than one hour each. The female worker shall also be entitled to two period of half an hour to provide care for her child each until her child reaches one year of age. The female worker shall be entitled to join these two periods and these two additional periods shall be deemed part of the working hours and shall not entail any wage deduction. The employer shall determine the timing of the above mentioned period the female worker takes to provide care for her child in accordance with the female worker’s circumstances and the interest of the work.

Article 36

The employer employing women shall post in an apparent location at the workplaces or in the places of gathering of workers a copy of the regulations governing the employment of female workers.

Last Update: Wednesday 5 August 2015