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Title VIII

Article 58

Subject to the provision of Article 60 of this Law, the worker who spent in the service of the employer at least one year shall be entitled to a paid annual leave not less than thirty days, with an average of two and a half day for each month.

If the period spent in the service of the employer is less than one year, the worker shall be entitled to a leave corresponding to the period of his work.

The worker may not waive his right to the leave, and may receive monetary compensation in return for said leave in accordance with the provision of Article 59 paragraph b of this law.

Article 59

a- Subject to the provision of Article 61 of this law, the employer shall set the dates of the annual leaves in accordance with the requirements and circumstances of the work. The worker shall take his leave on the date and for the period set by the employer.

In all cases, the worker mustenjoy an annual leave of fifteen days, including at least six consecutive days.

b- The worker may interrupt his work due to a contingent event for a period not exceeding six days per year and for a maximum of two days each time. Said contingent leave shall be deemed part of the annual leave granted to the worker.

c- The employer undertakesto carry out the off-setting between the balance of the leaves against the wage corresponding to said balance each two years at most and if the employment relationship is terminated before the exhaustion by the worker of the balance of his annual leaves, he shall be entitled to the wage corresponding to said balance.

d- As an exception to the provision of the previous paragraph, the worker’s right to receive a cash consideration for the balance of the leaves determined by the employer shall forfeit if the worker’s refusal to take the leave is evidenced in writing.

Article 60

The minor’s annual leave may not be divided, joined or interrupted.

Article 61

18 Article 61 The worker may determine the date of his annual leave in case he is applying for an exam in any of the educational stages provided the employer is notified within a time-limit of not less than thirty days before the date on which the worker intends to take his annual leave.

Article 62

The employer may deprive the worker from his wage due during his annual leave or restitute the wage paid in consideration thereof if it is evidenced that the worker was employed by another employer during said leave, without prejudice to the disciplinary liability in this respect.

Article 63

a- The worker shall be entitled to a three day leave on full pay in the following cases:

b- The worker shall be entitled to a one day leave on full pay upon the birth of his child.

c- The Muslim female worker shall be entitled to a one month paid leave in the event of death of her spouse, moreover she is entitled to complete the Iddaperiod of three months and ten days from her annual leave, and in the event the balance of her annual leave is insufficient she may take an unpaid leave.

d- The employer shall be entitled to request the worker to submit the documents evidencinganyof the events specified in the previous paragraphs.

Article 64

The worker may obtain a leave with full pay on holidays and official holidays determined by virtue of the Council of Ministers’ decision based on the Minister’s proposal.

The employer may employ the worker on any of these days if so required by the circumstances of the work,and in this case the worker shall have the choice between receiving his wage for the day in addition to an additional wage equivalent to 150% of his normal wage or another day for rest.

If a Friday or any official holiday coincides with any one of these days, the worker shall be granted another day instead.

Article 65

The worker completing three consecutive months in the employer’s service, whose sickness and entitlement to a sick leave are evidenced by virtue of a certificate issued by any of the Government Medical Centers or any of the clinics retained by the employer, shall be entitled to the following sick leaves during the same year:

  1. Fifteen days on full pay.
  2. Twenty days on half pay.
  3. Twenty days without pay.

In case of a disagreement as to the determination of the duration of the medical treatment, the Medical Committee specified in Article 89 of this Law shall determine this period.

The worker may accumulate the balance of the sick leaves on full or partial pay to which he is entitled for a period not exceeding two hundred and forty days.

Article 66

The sick worker may benefit from the balance of his annual leaves in addition his sick leave entitlement.

Article 67

The Muslim worker who spent in the service of his employer five consecutive years shall be entitled to a fourteen day leave with full pay to perform his Hajj (Pilgrimage) obligation. This leave shall be granted once to the worker during his period of service unless he benefited from it from during his service for another employer.

The employer shall determine the number of workers to be granted such leave of absence in each year in accordance with working requirements, provided priority is given to the worker who has achieved the longest period of continuous employment.

Last Update: Wednesday 5 August 2015