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Regulation of the work

Title IX
Regulation of the work
Article 68

An employer shall maintain a special file for each worker including all of the data related to saidworker, in particular:

The employer shall keep in the worker’s file the minutes of investigations conducted with the worker, his supervisors’ reports on the level of his performance of the work in accordance with the work regulations at the establishment and any other papers related to the worker’s service.

The employer shall keep the worker’s file for at least for two years as of the date of expiry of the labour contract.

Article 69

The employer shall evidence in the file of the worker not subject to the Social Insurance Law, any infirmity prior to the commencement of his employment, any injury he sustained during or as a result of work and the degree of disability resulting from every injury, if any.

Article 70

The data included in the worker’s file shall only be perused by a party legally authorized to do so.

Last Update: Thursday 6 August 2015