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Seventh Goal: Clean Energy

The Authority is keen to reduce electricity consumption at its headquarters and branches by using energy-saving lamps and urging employees to use them thriftily, in order to achieve the sustainable development goal and unleash the potential of energy efficiency in the Kingdom.

The Authority recycles materials such as paper, plastic and metal, in agreement with one of the approved recycling companies in the Kingdom.

Environmental Protection

While the Government of Bahrain makes great efforts to ensure the sustainability of the development process in environmental fields in accordance with the sustainable development goals, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority has committed to implement several initiatives related to the green environment policy that deal with environmentally friendly technical practices, like launching and developing a number of electronic systems that provide all services electronically without needing paper, it also made sure that all its documents, data, and service forms are transferred to electronic versions which contributed to the creation of a healthy pollution-free professional environment characterized by low carbon dioxide emissions resulting from paper printing.

Last Update: Wednesday 9 June 2021