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Sixteenth Goal: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Bahrain provides a pioneering model in combating trafficking in persons, and its tireless humanitarian efforts in this field have been highly praised and appreciated at the level of countries, organizations, and international reports concerned with the subject, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances that the world is going through, both health and economic wise, which cast their shadows on some categories of expatriate employees.

It also maintained its position for a third consecutive year among the first category countries (TIER1) in the US State Department report on trafficking in persons issued at the end of July 2020, which confirmed its leadership in the region regarding combating trafficking in persons, its full commitment to the standards stipulated in international laws related to trafficking in persons, and its diligent quest to find non-traditional mechanisms that contribute to the protection of victims of trafficking from all forms of exploitation.

As a result of these great efforts to achieve peace and justice, the Permanent General Secretariat of the Government Forum against Trafficking in Persons in the Middle East has been assigned to the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2019.

Last Update: Wednesday 9 June 2021