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the optional insurance for domestic workers

Second Objective: Increase Private Sector Contributions to Economic Growth

A- Encouraging higher productivity and job quality

The Government Programme for 2019 – 2022 aims to grow the private sector’s role in job creation for citizens. The Programme seeks to increase productivity by investing in digital transformation and technology and improving the quality of jobs for Bahrainis.

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) supports private sector institutions by assisting with operational costs, infrastructure costs, and growth opportunities. Furthermore, Tamkeen will offer financing programmes, provide business development programmes for institutions, and support electronic transformation projects to increase productivity. In addition, it will offer special programmes to companies committed to employing Bahrainis.

The plan also calls for investment in training and human capital development to increase the employment of Bahrainis and support professional development. Training programmes will provide Bahraini citizens with the necessary competencies and skills to compete in the job market. E-learning and on-the-job training will be made available to facilitates workers’ integration into the private sector.

B- Supporting efforts to link job seekers with companies

The Ministry of Labour & Social Development will further develop the electronic services available to job seekers to provide them with access to guidance and training opportunities. This will directly link the job seeker and private sector companies providing employment opportunities for Bahraini citizens.

This is in addition to developing licensing for recruitment firms that target highly skilled employees, encouraging their establishment and the establishment of companies for temporary employment.

Last Update: Monday 14 February 2022