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About the Authority

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority is considered a legal personality that enjoys administrative and financial independence under the supervision of the Minister of Labour and Social Development. In addition, it enjoys the same privileges as the other ministries, governmental organizations and public bodies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Authority was founded on 31/05/2006, when His Highness King Hamad bin Isa bin Al Khalifa decreed Act No. (19) of 2006 regarding the regulation of the labour market, which stated: the Authority will assume all the tasks and specialties required to organize the labour market in the Kingdom, regulate work permits for expatriate employees, handle licenses of manpower agencies and employment offices, and handle work permits for the expatriate employers in the Kingdom.

The Authority is also concerned with developing a comprehensive national plan for the labour market that includes the general strategy and policy regarding local and expatriate employment, in addition to collecting and analyzing data, statistics, and information related to the economic situation in the Kingdom. The Authority issues reports regarding this matter to be published via the appropriate means and in a manner that is accessible to all.

Being a central entity, The Labour Market Regulatory Authority supervises the following:

Issuing entry visas to the Kingdom and residency permits, issuing official identity cards for expatriate employees in coordination with the concerned authorities, such as the Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the Information & eGovernment Authority and the Social Insurance Organization. The Authority issues work permits for domestic expatriate employees and those of similar status, requests medical examinations and necessary tests for expatriate employees in coordination with the concerned authorities, collects all fees related to work permits and licenses issued in accordance with the provisions of the law, and proposes programs and policies to develop the labour market in matters unrelated to it specialties and provides them to the concerned authorities.


An organized labour market that meets the needs of the labour market, preserves the rights of all its parties, achieves social security, and ensures economic growth.


Achieve the satisfaction of citizens, employers and expatriate employees by providing distinguished services via professional national efforts and simplified procedures.


The Strategy of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority

As one of the pillars of the labour market reform project in the Kingdom, the Authority seeks to regulate the local labour market through fair laws and transparent, durable, dynamic, and effective services, taking into account the preservation of societal and human rights.

The Authority works within an integrated governmental group to provide quick services to employers and expatriate employees. It introduced the one-transaction system for issuing work permits, where it seeks through its services to establish solid bases for the labour market that preserve the rights of expatriate employers and expatriate employees alike.

The Authority is proceeding in an integrated format with its partners in (Team Bahrain), based on the government action plan and Bahrain's strategic economic vision 2030, in order to ensure providing a distinguished service that contributes in turn to providing all local economic growth possibilities and facilitates doing business in the Kingdom. This is achieved by ensuring effective and humane management that is focused on facilitating businesses for all categories of employers, citizens, people of determination, and the elderly, in addition to continuous follow-up on expatriate affairs.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority adopts a set of foundations, principles and values that guide all its work and services; these are represented in humanity, transparency, quality, continuous improvement and social responsibility. The Authority made great efforts in committing to these principles. This has reflected positively on the Kingdom's reputation and international position as a distinguished work environment that enjoys flexibility, justice, continuity, and safeguards the rights of work parties without discrimination.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority also educates expatriate employees and their families coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain, in order to guarantee their rights and achieve a community partnership based on fair foundations that guarantees the rights and duties of all parties in cooperation with the embassies of labour-exporting countries and foreign communities' civil society institutions.

The Authority has unremitting efforts in promoting community awareness by launching a competition in this matter and spreading a culture of respecting the rights and duties of expatriate employees as an important category of society. This was achieved by motivating Bahraini and GCC youth to produce educational media materials that include short films, producing advertisement posters, organizing school visits, and hosting university trainees to learn about the Authority's work mechanisms.

Last Update: Sunday 13 June 2021